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Time bound completion of classes and exhaustive study material tought by experienced professors helped me achieve my goal. Thank you JKSC !!!
Kedar Khanolkar
Final CA Nov.'12 - 16th Rank
Time Bound and Conceptual clarity is the biggest plus point of JKSC.Impressed by the professionalism of JKSC.
Nabeel Kazi
Final CA Nov.'12 - 49th Rank
Thanks to JKSC. I give all credit of my success to JKSC. It was like a treat studying at JKSC. All the professors have put up their hardwork and encouraged us at each and every moment.
Nikhil Saraiya
Final CA Nov.'12 - 30th Rank
Best class for CA. Thanks to all professors of JKSC. Always completes portion on time. Very good and experienced professors. Explanation given from practical point of view, which a student can easily remember in future.
Hitesh Jain
Final CA Nov.'12 - 47th Rank
I have studied at JKSC for CPT, IPCC and Final CA. I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire experience. It has been a tremendous learning experience. I would thank all my professors for their guidance and support!!!
Siddhant Jain
Final CA Nov.'12 - 48th Rank
I will owe credit of being CA with Rank to JKSC. What I am today is because of JKSC. It is the factory which produces CA Rankers in every 6 months. It is that type of dedication, efforts and conceptual knowledge with best explanation students received from so many years from experienced professors of JKSC, which help them to go through any difficult task. I am very thankful from bottom of my heart to JKSC and every faculty members for helping me a lot to make me such extra ordinary person and get me valuable degree. Thank You!!!
Niyati Loladia
Final CA Nov.'11 – 43rd Rank,
PCC May'10 – 37th Rank
JKSC is a one-stop solution for all CA course related problems with highly experienced faculty and a very organized time schedule with all updated study material. I owe my success to JKSC and each one of my professors there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at JKSC for this.
Dhawani Shah
Final CA May'11 - 47th Rank
The quality of teaching especially in CA Final is really high. The content taught is also to the point. Also, all the professors are open to solving any queries wherever asked which is really helpful to all students. I am very happy with the teaching that was imparted in CPT, PCC and Final CA.
Sridharan Gautam
Final CA May'11 - 22nd Rank
Well . . . with a great team of professors and planned teaching, studies become easy. Conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in class has helped to prepare well. I would like to make a special mention for all professors who have been just superb and so very approachable in case of doubts. Thank you so much!!!
Charmy Sheth
Final CA May'11 - 3rd Rank,
PCC June'09- 31st Rank,
CPT Aug.'07- 10th Rank
The concept based teaching approach without losing practicality is fabulous. The class textbook is quite exhaustive and covers a wide spectrum of questions. It's no wonder that the class churns out so many success stories in each exam.
Abhishek Apte
Final CA May'10 - 5th Rank,
PE-II May'07 - 31st Rank
My Journey at JKSC is one of the key factors that allowed me to succeed in the CA examination. The Professors are great guide and support. Study pattern, study material are very concise and quality oriented. Management at JKSC is a distinguishing feature. I sincerely thank JK sir and all professors for their support.
Shobhit Bhansali
Final CA Nov.'11 - 9th Rank
PCC May'10 – 31st Rank
JKSC is a good class. It has been of great support to me in all the subjects. I am happy about my decision of joining this class for all the 3 years of my course. Thanks to all my professors.
Nidhi Roongta
Final CA Nov.'09 - 27th Rank
A Good Classese!!! The classes & professors at JKSC aim at clearing the concepts.
Aditya Nangalia
Final CA Nov. '09 - 28th Rank
PE-II May'07 - 44th Rank
With the experience that JKSC has in the teaching field, they know exactly what is relevant & what topic requires more stress. This helps the students to know how to go about their studies & prepare a study schedule accordingly. Thank you JKSC!!!
Hiren Nishar
Final CA Nov.'10 - 29th Rank
Securing a rank at CA Final level was like a dream come true . And in this pursuit of my dream. JKSC played a very vital role. Sincere thanks to entire team of JKSC.
Rikin Shah
Final CA May'12 - 30th Rank
Since I have been in JKSC for all the 3 years, J.K.Shah = ICAI for all of us.
Tanuj Agarwal
Final CA Nov.'09 - 36th Rank,
PE-II May'07 - 34th Rank,
PE-I May'06 - 29th Rank
What I've gained from JKSC is a strong base, ignited interest & clear concepts. The faculty all through P E - I, P E - II & Final were excellent. Also, it wouldn't be fair to skip a mention about the study material of JKSC. There is no doubt that it is the best & most comprehensive study material that help one face any question in the exam. Last, but not the least, J. K. Sir's guidance helped to start studying early & believing a rank is possible.
S. Deepika
Final CA Nov.'09 - 37th Rank,
PE-II May'06 - 28th Rank
"JKSC Rocks!!! All 3 levels for which I studied here were the most memorable years of my life. Stupendous success in all 3 exams were like icing on the cake.THANK YOU JKSC!!!
Dhanashree Muslonkar
Final CA May'10 - 37th Rank,
PE-II Nov.'07 - 9th Rank,
PE-I May'06 - 26th Rank
I am very thankful to JKSC for all assistance & co-operation. Due to their co-operation & teaching, I am able to pass my final exam.
Abhishek Garg
Final CA Nov.'09 - 38th Rank
It's an institution where not just sums are solved but concepts are explained deeply. Practical subjects like Accounts, FM and Costing become very easy where concepts are explained. A distinguishing feature about JKSC is the sums from all exams (not just CA) are taught.
Amit Mehta
Final CA May'12 - 39th Rank
PCC May'10 - 43rd Rank
I was a science student till 12th std, so securing a rank by just spending around 5 months in this line speaks volume about the faculties at JKSC. I am thankful to all my professors for providing me the necessary support without which I am sure I could not have achieved this feat.
Aayush Jain
CPT Dec.'08 - 1st Rank
The most important thing I admire about JKSC is that the syllabus is completed before time even before the completion date declared giving enough time for rigorous revision. Also all the professors are perfectly qualified and specialized in their fields providing sufficient guidance to clear the respective exams.
Akshay Bhuptani
IPCC May'12 – 32nd Rank
JKSC has been a huge help. The professors here with all their years of experience and teaching skills helped me clearing out the smallest of doubts. Taking the test series made me start studying early and on a daily basis. The entire seven months spent here were memorable and worth while. I would like to thank JKSC without which my results would not have been the same.
Varsha Agarwal
IPCC May'12 – 33rd Rank
For me there is no alternative to J. K. Shah Classes. It would be an understatement to say that the faculties at JKSC are amongst the best in the country. All the lectures at JKSC are fun-filled and one does not simply get bored, owing to interactive teaching by all professors. Thank you for fulfilling my dream of securing rank at CA exam. I am eagerly looking forward to Final CA lectures.
Neel Shah
PCC May'12 – 25th Rank
I did not attend any other coaching classes except JKSC for PCC. The coaching classes really helped me a lot to prepare for the subjects.
Jugal Parekh
PCC Nov.'08 - 1st Rank
JKSC has played a phenomenal role in shaping my career. The professors at JKSC were always ready to solve our doubts. Intensive practice of homework sums, special tips by professors and the test series has helped me achieve this success. I am thankful for their contribution in my life and hope to continue this wonderful journey even in Final CA.
Rahul Nadkarni
IPCC May'12 – 26th Rank
I have been associated with JKSC since PE - I. They helped me get the conceptual clarity required for clearing the CA course. The regularity, course material & lectures over here are unmatched. JKSC is really in short, my key to success.
Anjari Bihani
Final CA Nov.'10 – 2nd Rank
I joined JKSC in 12th standard. It is said that the strength of a tree is measured by how deep its roots are set. My basics also lie in JKSC & I owe it to the professors & to the institution as a whole. No matter what I do I will never be able to convey my gratitude to JKSC for making me who I am. Thank You!
Namita Shah
IPCC May'10 – 3rd Rank
JKSC is certainly the best coaching institute. The faculties, the textbooks, studying environment are the best you could ask for. The entire portion is covered properly & well ahead of the time schedule. Thank you JKSC!!!
Janam Jain
IPCC May'12 – 20th Rank
I would like to thank JKSC for their guidance in coaching as well as exam preparation. Further, I also appreciate their commitment towards completing the syllabus on time.
Grizelda Lobo
PE - II May'07 – 14th Rank
Final CA Nov.'09 – 3rd Rank
Its been a great experience learning at JKSC. The team of professors are excellent. They are the best teachers and moral counselors. It is they to whom I look up to for being a person as a professional. They are great motivators and individuals. I am looking forward for IPCC ahead...
Hetvi Sheth
CPT Dec.'08 - 4th Rank
Its been a great experience learning at JKSC. The team of professors are excellent. They are the best teachers and moral counselors. It is they to whom I look up to for being a person as a professional. They are great motivators and individuals. I am looking forward for IPCC ahead...
Hetvi Sheth
CPT Dec.'08 - 4th Rank
The classes are very professionally conducted with good coverage of subject topics. The professors are very dedicated and approachable.
Vinita Nair
PE-I May'07 - 1st Rank
PCC Nov. '09 - 4th Rank
This is really the place infact temple where I owe a lot. JK sir's motivation in the lecture and a superb blend of professors has helped me to achieve this. Thanks a lot for everything!!!
VAbhishek ChaturvediPCC May'10 - 42nd Rank
Final CA May'12 - 17th Rank
Professional Approach, Result Oriented, Knowledgeable, Helpful Faculty.
Kanad Chaudhari
Final CA May'11 - 20th Rank
A professional coaching organization where the vast experience of the professors is passed on to the students to enable them to achieve their aim
Siddhant Mehta
Final CA May'10 - 21st Rank
JKSC is a wonderful surrounding to study in All credit goes to the rigorous efforts of the impeccable professors and their expertise. It has helped me right from the beginning of my CA career i.e. form CPT, PCC and I am sure that they will continue to support me in the Final CA as well.
Monil Mehta
PCC May'12 – 34th Rank
I found JKSC the best in coaching for CA. I have never found such teaching method anywhere. I have recommended JKSC to other students as well.
Sumit Modi
PCC Nov.'09 - 4th Rank
I personally feel that studying in JKSC was the best decision that I ever took JKSC has the finest and the best professors that you could ever dream of. All the professors here are very helpful. The study material provided is more than exhaustive and sufficient to secure a rank. So if you are in JKSC, be assured that you are in the safest hands.
Viral Shah
IPCC May'11 - 7th Rank
JKSC the name that brings confidence in a person willing to do a professional course. JKSC, having excellent and experienced professors, is the best classes for any professional commerce course. With student friendly teachers, a good studying atmosphere & the best notes to study, JKSC soars above the rest of the classes.
Rachit Shah
CPT June'08 - 8th Rank
The class is timely managed and all the professors are very good, experienced and talking to students about their problems. All the students are advised to attend their full lectures & study conceptually. Students have to take careful decision for choosing classes and in my opinion JKSC is the BEST!!!
Kartikey Kandoi
IPCC May'10 – 15th Rank
I am very thankful to all the professors of JKSC for their support. The coaching was very well planned & exhaustive. It helped us a lot during the exam; Looking forward to meeting all the professors soon.
Jigar Shah
PCC Nov.'08 - 16th Rank
I used to cherish on seeing posters of previous rankers and dream that even my posters will be shown all over Mumbai. JKSC has made this dream come true. Fantastic teaching by all the professors has helped me to secure 42nd rank all over India.
Sushant Agarwal
IPCC May'12 – 42nd Rank
The entire team of professors at JKSC facilitated this result. Their advice, guidance, teaching & constant encouragement were of great assistance. The test series conducted prior to IPCC exam helped to prepare & concentrate better.
Kaustubh Rane
IPCC May'10 – 17th Rank
Having studied under the expert guidance of professors of JKSC, has helped me achieve a milestone in my CA career. Personal attention, easy-to-understand notes and doubt solving sessions has all been a great help throughout. I am positive that alliance with JKSC shall bring more laurels to me in the future also.
Ruchi Parmar
PCC May'10 – 17th Rank
JKSC – The best class for CA. It is truly a Ranker's Factory, standing to its words. I thank all the professors at JKSC who have helped me to achieve this great success. It is only because of their trust and belief that constantly motivated me to work towards my dream. I would also like to thank non-teaching staff for their support. Each and every moment spent at JKSC will always be cherished by me. It is truly an unforgettable part of my life. Thank you so much JKSC. Looking forward for Final CA at JKSC.
Meghana Chheda
IPCC May'11 - 18th Rank
I suppose JKSC itself is a brand name & there is no need of any testimony for the class. But I would like to thank all my professors & the class for their coaching, support & love. I owe a lot to the class. Thanks a lot!!!
Kailash Rathi
PCC May'10 - 19th Rank
I am very thankful to the JKSC professors for their assistance. It is because of their guidance and comprehensive notes/study material that I was able to achieve this feat.
Karishma Jalan
CPT June'10 – 3rd Rank
IPCC May'11 - 19th Rank
It really proves as a true guide for students and faculties available are very helpful.
Purti Doshi
PCC Nov.'08 - 21th Rank
Best coaching, I have ever seen for CA Thinking about CA, think JKSC! whose facilities have supported me a lot in tough times to achieve this position.
Dipen Shah
PE-II Nov.'08 - 21st Rank
It is the effort and the dedication of professors that has helped me to achieve this feat. The study material issued by JKSC was exhaustive. I still remember the day when Prof. J.K.Shah told me that he wanted to see me again as a ranker in IPCC when I secured rank in CPT. It was that meeting with sir which inspired me a lot. Also the continuous motivation given by the various professors of JKSC has helped me.
Manish Gupta
CPT Dec.'08 - 7th Rank,
IPCC Nov.'09 - 21st Rank
All I would like to say is that, I enjoyed studying here. The timetable, though very tiring was always strict. All the professors were well organized about the subject matter. At last, I would like to say just that, I would always recommend JK's to any aspiring CA.
Maithily Pore
CPT – Dec. '09 - 8th Rank
IPCC May '11 - 21st Rank
The secret of success is three fold (a) hard work (b) teaching at JKSC (c) God's grace. I believe, to the point, precise and conceptual teaching imbibed in me the confidence, to undertake a big public examination with confidence. Initiative by JKSC of holding an orientation seminar well before our exam helped me to plan my studies, to decide when to study and how to study. Everybody works hard but it depends on the teaching you have undergone which helps you to face the volatile situation of exams. Thanks to JKSC, I have succeeded in my PCC with flying colours.
Siddharth Parekh
PCC Nov.'08 - 14th Rank
Final CA Nov.'10 - 21st Rank
JKSC is all I can think about when CA coaching comes to my mind. Thanks a lot JK Sir & all other professor, for the lessons not only for CA but for life. I owe this success to you.
Isha Changoiwala
Final CA May'12 - 24th Rank
JKSC the name behind our Success. All the faculties of JKSC are well qualified & experienced. It gives a great pleasure to learn from the expert of a particular subject. All the professors of JKSC are supportive & they solve all our query Immediately. Thank you for great support from JKSC.
Shailesh Galiya
IPCC Nov.'11 – 22nd Rank
I am very thankful to JKSC because without them it would have never been possible for me to secure a rank. I received enough guidance and motivation to carry out my studies systematically in JKSC. I owe my success to JKSC.
Yash Jimudiya
IPCC Nov.'09 - 22nd Rank
JKSC is very good at teaching and explains the matter very well. I'm satisfied with the teaching procedure.
Surabhi Dubey
PCC Nov.'08 - 23rd Rank
JKSC has played a phenomenal and instrumental role in this success. The coaching was systematic and comprehensive. It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to joining this great institution for my Final CA.
Sushrut Damle
PCC Nov.'08 - 2nd Rank,
Final CA Nov.'10 - 23rd Rank
Professors are very helpful. Syllabus is well organized and completed in time.
Shweta Pattanashetti
PCC Nov.'11 – 24th Rank
Conceptual way of teaching at JKSC helped me to secure 25th rank. It just doesn't teach the subject it teaches you the concept.
Vinay Agrawal
Final CA Nov.'08 - 25th Rank
JKSC is the only class in Mumbai which has a systematic & time bound approach to professional studies. The approach & the experience of professors go together to make perfect combination for the C.A. course.
Amit Jalan
Final CA Nov.'10 - 26th Rank,
CPT Nov.'06 - 14th Rank
The limited time was very well managed by our professors who ensured that the portion was completed well before the completion date mentioned. My professors were always ready to help me after class for numerous doubts that I used to have. In particular the study material needs special recognition as I only relied on it and scored extremely well in my practical subjects with even 89 in Financial Management. Thank you JKSC for helping me all these years.
Dhvanil Sheth
Final CA Nov.'12 - 27th Rank
I enjoyed studying at JKSC because it encouraged us to study, all the professors are so energetic they make us feel comfortable. All our doubts are cleared very easily. The course gets completed in time & we get time to prepare us to appear for exam easily. The Test series also goes very well. So my view is JKSC is best for CA students.
Neha Sharma
IPCC Nov.'11 – 32nd Rank
Regular & skilled guidance was given. Conceptual clarity. How to prepare & appear for the exam was also dealt with. The 24 hours help line was of great help during the study period & the professors were willing to guide & solve queries. Overall a good experience.
Saini Krishnanmurthy
PCC May'10 – 33rd Rank
My experience of IPCC course was completely different. It was simply amazing and funfulling. Study was made easy with notes and guidance by professors at every step. A big thanks to JKSC for making me believe in myself and achieve what seemed a mountainous task when I started with IPCC. Thanks A Ton!!!
Parth Khandelwal
IPCC May'11 - 34th Rank
The best classes for C.A. students, undoubtedly JKSC, is the boat in which so many students like me have sailed to reach the destination of becoming a Chartered Accountant. All professors are very well versed with the curriculum. My tribute to everyone at this classes.
Khushboo Bafna
Final CA Nov.'08 - 35th Rank
Firstly, I would like to thank the all JKSC faculties for making my dream come into reality. JKSC helped me to get into merit in CPT as well as in IPCC. It is a great pleasure to study here. Thanks to all my great professors who made this possible. JKSC the name is more than enough. Excellent & experienced professors, best teaching atmosphere, & the best notes to study for such professional exams are few of the merits of JKSC.
Jignesh Jain
CPT June'09 – 5th Rank,
IPCC May'10 – 36th Rank
JKSC was a wholesome learning experience in terms of helpful faculty, student friendly and simplified course material. The bulk portion of Final CA was made rather easy and simplified. I owe a lot of my success to JKSC.
Priyanka Bhojani
Final CA May'10 - 39th Rank
I have studied in JKSC right from PE-I level to CA Final. Coaching offered by team of JKSC Professors is world-class.
Vishal Gutka
Final CA May'10 - 38th Rank
JKSC rocks!!One of the best institutes to do CA classes.
Hitashree Chhabria
Final CA Nov.'09 - 9th Rank
JKSC was an excellent learning experience. The professors are extremely learned with extensive knowledge regarding their respective subjects. Although the batches are of 150 students. I did not find that a problem at all. Finally, it depends upon your own concentration level and not the size of the class.
Sakina Kachwala
IPCC May'11 - 36th Rank
All faculties were very helpful for making my concepts clear for those subjects. The notes provided for Information Technology was helpful. It is truly, the Rankers Factory.
Aditya Murthy
PCC Nov.'11 – 36th Rank
The best about JKSC is its team of professors who stand by you throughout the teaching process right till the exams and constantly encourage you to put in your best foot forward and achieve what you have joined the classes for.
Hardik Shah
PCC Nov.'09 - 37th Rank
Best classes, best environment for studying, best coaching, best facilities. Personally speaking I came JKSC is convenient to attend along with articleship schedule & there is assurance that the entire portion is completed on time. The notes are comprehensive & the faculties are good.
Anushi Shah
PCC May'10 – 26th Rank
The syllabus covered by JKSC was exhaustive. Many of the questions covered by JKSC were directly asked in the exams which not only helped us in solving the paper but also saved precious time in examination. Also the time management is excellent which gave us adequate time to prepare for examinations.
Mithilesh Oza
PCC May'11 – 26th Rank
JKSC is a great coaching class for CA course. The teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am glad that I have joined this coaching class.
Ruchi Somani
IPCC Nov.'11 – 26th Rank
I was a student of JKSC for PE-II. It was a real fun experience. Here I got to know that C.A. studies can be fun along with learning only because of the professors we had. JKSC has contributed the most to my rank and am grateful to all the professors of JKSC.
Anuradha Savagaon
PE-II Nov.'08 - 28th Rank
Studying at JKSC was a pleasure. Importance is given to concept. Study material is excellent especially designed for the course and covers almost all subjects. Highly professional and utmost utilization of time. The credit of my success to a great excent goes to JKSC.
Ushma Shah
IPCC Nov.'09 - 28th Rank
A big thank you all the professors who taught me at JKSC. They not only enabled me to get a rank in both CPT & IPCC but also made me conceptually strong. Thanks JKSC!!!
Naysar Parekh
CPT June'10 - 3rd Rank, IPCC May'11 - 28th Rank
Good faculty.One of the best thing is portion gets finished early. Test series helped a lot.
Shreyans Dedhia
CPT June'10 - 9th Rank,
IPCC May'11 - 28th Rank
Its always a lot to learn at JKSC. The professors are just amazing and that has helped me a lot in developing myself with the entire syllabus of the CA course and I am very thankful to all the professors for their brilliant teaching at JKSC.
Bhavik Bhoot
PCC Nov.'11 – 32nd Rank
Very nice faculty who helped me to realise my inborn talent. All professors were very encouraging and in my opinion, due credit must go to them for my success. The reference material provided gave us in depth knowledge about the subjects.
Raj Jani
IPCC Nov.'09 - 32nd Rank
The coaching of the JKSC is very professional & time bound. The best thing is the study oriented environment, which helped me to study & understand the concept.
Abhijit Niugare
PE-II Nov.'08 - 32nd Rank
From Rajkot to Mumbai & the main factor for my migration was to study in the best classes i.e. JKSC. Thank you so much to each faculty members teaching here. Thanks a lot !!!
Sameer Gilani
PE-II Nov.'07 - 39th Rank
I like the way of teaching and especially time management about JKSC.
Amit Popat
PCC Nov.'09 - 41st Rank
JKSC has helped me a lot for my studies. It has guided me a lot for choosing an appropriate way of studies. I would like to give credit to the new idea of early bird batch that has helped us to study the last months. All professors have guided students properly and have taught us really well and so I have cleared both groups.
Karishma Gujarathi
IPCC May'11 - 41st Rank
The best & perfect class for CA study - JKSC. Here emphasis is not only on studies but developing professional attitude which helps you to overcome challenges posed by C.A. course. I am proud to be the student of JKSC.
Amit Salvi
Final CA Nov.'07 - 42nd Rank
JKSC is probably the best class for Final CA in Mumbai. The teaching methodology is very good & very professional. The study material is very exhaustive. I would like to thank all the professors of Final who have immensely helped me to attain a rank in Final CA.
Gaurav Sharma
Final CA Nov.'09 - 46th Rank
JKSC gave the best guidance I could have got in building my career . Getting a rank seemed not only difficult but impossible but JKSC helped through. The excellence of our professors is beyond my expectations and have acted as a pioneer in shaping my career. I thank them for the excellent teaching and sheer professional guidance.
Yashika Sangani
Final CA May'12 - 42nd Rank
Perfect in timings. Complete syllabus before time. Excellent study material. Exam oriented. Concept based teaching.
Neha Kanwatia
Final CA Nov. '08 - 42nd Rank
JKSC has all the good professors that gave me the ways to prepare for my exams. Also it was fun studying here. Thank you J.K. Sir for building up the morale in students to succeed further.
Nilima Jain
Final CA Nov.'11 – 11th Rank,
PCC Nov.'09 – 40th Rank
JKSC is a very good coaching class. It is very well organized. Professors are very helpful. They teach in a very student friendly way. Most of the things are memorized in the class itself. All the doubts are cleared. Professors give equal attention to all the students. The study material provided by classes are so exhaustive that no other reference books are required. Also the JKSC seminar helps in a great way by providing past examination analyses and also gives motivation to work hard. In my success there is a great role played by J. K. Shah Classes, Thanks a lot to JKSC.
Nitin Jain
IPCC May'11 - 42nd Rank
'JKSC' has been a real help for me. I being an average student, never expected to even pass. But rank is really unexpected. All the prof. have been a great help to us. Thank you all the professors and JKSC for helping us to get through this difficult exam.
Harida Narayanan
IPCC Nov.'11 – 43rd Rank
JKSC has been my base since I started my CA Course. Right from PE - I till Final CA JKSC has been my guide & mentor. There was no looking back with JKSC professors being with us. I am really grateful to have got great guidelines, practical approach & being trained at such a wonderful institution. JKSC will always remain an integral part of CA journey. Kudos!!!
Pinica Parekh
Final CA Nov.'08 - 43rd Rank
Excellent coaching, to the point explanation, excellent top class faculties. I owe my success throughout the C.A. career to JKSC and above all to the faculty members.
Samrudhi Shirali
Final CA Nov. '08 - 44th Rank
JKSC is best classes not only in Mumbai but across India especially for C.A. profession. Professors at JKSC are expert in respective subject & best in particular subject across India. Result of long history from JKSC is outcome of valuable input. I would like to convey my thanks to all the professors whose guidance & support was instrumental in this success. I think without JKSC this would not have been possible.
Umang Loladiya
Final CA Nov.'09 - 44th Rank
I convey my sincere gratitude to JKSC due to which I was able to become a 'Rank Holder' in Final CA exam. The teaching at JKSC was not only educative but their interactive session made us very well versed as to how to appear for the exams. This made us confident for appearing for such tough exams with ease. The faculty here are not only tutors but they are mentors and the environment created, by them was very conducive to bring out the best ability which was within us. They were open to new ideas and always ready to solve all queries. I owe substantial part of my success to JKSC.
Rehan Sutarwala
Final CA Nov.'11 - 45th Rank